CNY Implant Study Group Schedule

All study group sessions are held at the Yahnundasis Golf Club from 6-9PM in New Hartford.

March 13, 2019

Brian J Jackson, DDS: Implant Occlusal Principles

“The Key to Long Term Success.”

Although surgery and bone grafting are critical for short term success, implant occlusion remains essential for long term outcomes. This presentation will discuss IPO principles for the fixed cemented prosthesis for single and multi-unit bridges. Case presentation will demonstrate step by step decision trees to meet patient expectations.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn IPO schemes for single and multi-unit bridges
  • Understand how orientation jigs and a passive prosthesis assist in prosthetic successObserve case presentations to strengthen IPO concepts.

(ADA Code 692)

3 CE Hours

June 5, 2019

Brian J Jackson, DDS: Fixed Detachable Prosthesis

“A Solution for the Partially Edentulous Patient.”

Millions of patients present with missing several adjacent teeth. Treatment options can include removable or fixed partial dentures utilizing teeth as abutments. Implant treatment options include traditional abutment cemented or a fixed detachable prosthesis. This presentation will discuss the advantages, limitations and protocols for the fixed detachable prosthesis for the partially edentulous patient.

Learning Objectives
  • Learn the indications and advantages of the fixed detachable prosthesis
  • Comprehend the surgical and prosthetic protocols for the FD prosthesis
  • Understand the disadvantages and potential complications
  • View and discuss case presentations

(ADA Code 695)

3 CE Hours

September 11th, 2019

Brian J Jackson, DDS: Maxillary Sinus Augmentation

“The Internal Approach”

Success rates are the lowest for implant prosthesis in the posterior maxilla. Sinus augmentation is often required to increase bone quality for implant placement. This presentation will discuss the radiographic criteria, surgical and prosthetic protocols, and occlusion. Case presentation will reinforce protocols, decision trees and treatment sequencing.

Learning Objectives
  • Be able to diagnosis and treatment plan posterior maxilla cases
  • Understand how CBCT and 2D imaging can enhance outcomes
  • Comprehend surgical and prosthetic protocols.
  • Treatment plan cases based on predictable surgical and prosthetic protocols.

(ADA Code 691)

3 CE Hours

November 6th, 2019

Brian J Jackson, DDS: Full Arch Reconstruction

“The Fixed Detachable Approach – A case report.”

The patient requiring full arch reconstruction will increase over the next 20 years. The fixed detachable approach is a treatment option that is to be considered for such a condition. The diagnostic evaluation, surgical and prosthetic steps are critical for success. This presentation will focus on the clinical exam to occlusion. Case presentation will strengthen concepts. 
Learning Objectives
  • Learn the diagnostic and treatment options for fixed full arch
  • Comprehend the importance of a clinical evaluation prior to treatment
  • Discuss the surgical and prosthetic protocols of treatment
  • Reinforce implantology principles through case presentation

(ADA Code 674)

3 CE Hours

“I was very excited to hear that Dr. Brian J. Jackson has formed the CNY Implant Study Group-AAID Study Club in his immediate area. By joining this study club, your patients and practice will benefit from your increased knowledge and expertise in the field of implant dentistry. What an opportunity for you to learn from experienced implant lectures and leading manufacturers locally, while receiving AGD/CERP approved continuing credits.”
-John C. Minichetti, DMD, Past Chairman- AAID Study Club Committee